Western Occupational & Environmental Medical Association
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Our Mission

The educational mission of the Western Occupational & Environmental Medical Association (WOEMA) is to change the way our constituents practice medicine such that the health and wellbeing of their patients improve. Specifically, WOEMA seeks to prevent occupational illness and injury and expedite patient recovery time from injury. Our continuing medical education (CME) programs strive to improve our learners’ clinical decision-making skills in order to improve overall worker health. The WOEMA Board of Directors and the Committee on Education of WOEMA believe that CME is the pathway to achieving the Association’s mission. Our intention is to provide CME that is timely, dynamic, engaging, and accessible in order to support and inspire life-long learning.


WOHC 2016 Educational Objectives

After attending WOHC 2016, participants will be able to:

  • Determine the proper use of interventional procedures for pain management
  • Identify the optimal application of the PA skillset in the occupational medicine setting
  • Describe how integrating human factors/ergonomics solutions into prevention and treatment will produce benefits
  • Interpret how psychosocial factors modify a patient’s perception of pain, and how an engaged clinician can help the patient overcome those barriers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the various types of reports used in the worker’s compensation system
  • Describe the perspectives of clinical, academic-teaching, academic-research, corporate, military, and clinical-management settings for the practice of OEM
  • List the essential elements of spinal anatomy as they relate to evaluating an acute injury
  • Summarize the challenges faced by MROs in the changing environment of medical marijuana legalization
  • Demonstrate understanding of proper techniques to use when called to testify in a court of law
  • Use the EBM guidelines to design a structured and time-limited patient treatment plan