Western Occupational & Environmental Medical Association
Leading Occupational & Environmental Medicine

2013 Welcome New Members!


  • Lan H. Alforja, FNP-C, MSN
  • Brenda B. Barajas, AA
  • Randall D. Bass, MD, MS
  • Adam Behroozian
  • Penny Boyle
  • Barry M. Braiker, MD
  • Susan B. Carol, MD
  • Chuan-jay J Chen, BA
  • Ronald Crowell, MD
  • Daniel M. Croymans, MS
  • German L. Ellsworth, MPH
  • Peter L. Estacio, MD
  • Katherine L. Evelyn, MSN, RN, NP, COHN-S
  • Patricia S. Fernandez, MD, MPA
  • Dennis P. Franco, MD, BS
  • Jeff L. Gao, MD, MPH
  • Aren A Giske, MD
  • Kelli M. Graziano, MD, BA, MOH
  • Eric Greenberg, MD
  • Krystle Guillermo, NP
  • Gigi D. Hammang, APRN-BC, MSN,
  • Michael K. Hardy, MD, MPH
  • Richard Harston, PA-C
  • Lawrence Hill, NP, MSN, RN
  • Wendy Ho, MD, MS
  • Hanh T. Hoang, MPAS, PA-C
  • Patricia T. Hopp, PhD, MSN, RN, NP
  • Alan Hsu, MD, MS
  • Sokan Hunro, PA-C, MPH
  • Jordan Jarvis, MD
  • Waleed J. Kattar, DC
  • Mary P. Kennedy, BS, COHN-S
  • Lisa M. Key, MD, MPH
  • Naila Khalaf, MD, PhD
  • Hyeongdo Kim, DO
  • Erin W Lajoie, PA
  • Ki-Hyeok Lee, MD
  • Seung P. Lee, MD
  • Clancy Lien, PA-C
  • Catherine Lloyd, RN, CCM, CRRN
  • Troy L. Manchester, MD, MRO
  • Deborah L. Mattingly, MD, MPH
  • James J. McCormick, MD, MBA
  • Mary Beth McGowan, NP
  • Jorge D. Minor, MD
  • Scott J. Miscovich, MD
  • Natasha Narayan
  • Duc T. Ngo, MD, MPH
  • Clara Nguyen, MD
  • Lan H. Nguyen, FNP-C, MSN
  • Michael A. O’Malley, MD, MPH
  • Smita G. Pareek, MD, MPH
  • John G. Parker, PA-C
  • Anita Petagara, LVN
  • Nathalie S Pettit, Esq, JD, BA
  • Mary Ellen Quinn, FNP-C, MS
  • Charles T. Resnick, MD
  • Yilmarie Rosado
  • Donald L. Rossman, MD
  • Azucena Ruff , MSN, BSN, BS,
  • Michael D. Schkloven, MD
  • Michael L. Staker, MD, MPH
  • Louis C. Steininger, DO, FACOEP
  • Fred J. Von Stieff, MD
  • Lien Tran, MD
  • Fred J. Von Stieff, MD
  • Robert H. Vu, MD
  • Jason Vuong
  • Alina Walasek, MD
  • Erin L. Watson, PA
  • Richard F. Wells, MS, PA
  • Sundra Windham, RN, ACLS

(This list is updated quarterly)

Congratulations for Acquiring Fellow Status in 2013!

The status of Fellow is the highest classification of membership in ACOEM. Fellowship distinguishes and recognizes members of the College for their training, accomplishments, and experience in occupational medicine at the national, component, and local levels, as well as the member’s academic and scientific contributions.

  • Monica Brown, MD, MPH, FACOEM
  • Andrew H. Guo, MD, MPH, MBA, FACOEM
  • Peter D. Swann, MD, FAAFP, FACOEM

(This list is updated annually)

2012 New Members