Western Occupational & Environmental Medical Association
Leading Occupational & Environmental Medicine

WOEMA’S Strategic Plan for Future Growth and Service

Developed by the WOEMA Board of Directors in 2009. This plan outlines WOEMA’s values, critical issues, and our focus for the future. It is the guide WOEMA’s Board will follow in prioritizing its activities in the years ahead.

OUR MISSION: Leadership, Education, Service



Relevance…meaningful to WOEMA members, their practices and personal lives

Visibility…recognized as an active force in the medical marketplace i.e., academic, business, legislative and regulatory

Consistency…efforts and relationships in the medical marketplace are longitudinal rather than episodic


  • We must propose qualified candidates for WOEMA and ACOEM leadership pipeline, committee chairs/boards
  • We must provide strong leadership and strategic direction to advance WOEMA’s issues
  • We must assure membership growth to ensure financial stability and maintain a voice on WOEMA issues
  • We must protect and increase reimbursement for OEM Physicians
  • We must raise the importance of the specialty to produce more jobs in the field
  • We must monitor and steer regulations and laws to benefit the OEM physician and deliver real-time updates on issues affecting practice
  • We must deliver relevant education and updates to members using innovative and effective methods
  • We must identify practice gaps and seek to change behavior to raise level of patient care in order to maintain CME Accreditation and deliver credit hours required to maintain license, certification, etc
  • We must raise revenue from educational offerings to ensure the future financial stability of the organization



  • Recognize outstanding achievement
  • Nominate members for WOEMA and ACOEM awards
  • Nominate qualified members for awards of other organizations

Nominating (and Leadership Development)

  • WOEMA Board will seek to actively nominate and promote qualified WOEMA members to ACOEM leadership positions.  WOEMA leadership positions will serve as a proving ground for potential candidates.


  • Expand educational offerings to WOEMA members, now providing own CME
  • Offer CME to allied organizations as a service and revenue stream to WOEMA
  • Develop Scientific Affairs Sub-Committee as a home for content and future direction on topic areas


  • Collaborate with organizations of mid-level professionals for expanded educational offerings


  • Continue scholarships to WOHC and allow residents to participate for free in any other WOEMA educational offerings
  • Involve Residents in WOHC (Meet/greet session with residents and have them introduce speakers at WOHC)


  • Create a position responsible to overseeing all content that is communicated to members via b-cast emails, newsletter, website, social networking, etc.


  • Expand methods of communicating with members and delivering educational opportunities
  • Involve residents on building Twitter submissions
  • Enhance job postings on website
  • Collaborate with chairs of WOHC, Education, Residents, Communications (include chairs on calls) to get relevant content disseminated


  • Expand committee with representatives from OEM groups
  • Approach ACOEM re: post-residency dues reduction/retired members dues idea
  • Evaluate whether a dues increase is necessary

CMA & Young Physician Representation

  • Secure representation at CMA House of Delegates (and that of other WOEMA states where possible)

Economic Affairs

  • Ensure that WOEMA is in a sound financial position and well-positioned for the future

Legislative / Regulatory Affairs

  • Establish state representatives who are actively involved on weekly conference calls with lobbyist and communicating to members in their state. Continue to build a nexus of information to flow between Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.

WOEMA’s Public Policy Platform:

  1. All American wage earners should have general, or creditable, health care coverage
  2. A Mechanism for Reimbursing Physicians for Workplace Preventive Services
  3. A Mechanism for Financial Support of Occupational Medicine Residency Programs
  4. Predictable and Fair Fee Schedules for Occupational Medicine Services, including medical services under Workers’ Compensation
  5. Financial Incentives to Physicians for Use of an Electronic Health Record
  6. Use of Evidence-Based Guidelines for Occupational Medicine Practice
  7. Patient incentives, and other value-based health care benefits rewarding healthy behaviors or lifestyle changes