WOEMA is pleased to announce that WOHC 2020 is going virtual!


All sessions will be pre-recorded and available prior to the live virtual conference dates of September 23 - 26, 2020.


PG-1: Power Ortho: Lower Extremity (Mid-July) - A Foot Above the Rest

PG-2: Internal Medicine Updates (Late July) - Updates in Internal Medicine: We've got you Covered

PG-3: The Future of Spirometry and Occupational Pulmonary Testing (Mid-August) - Where do we go from here? 


PL-1:  Silicosis: Are We Doing Enough to Protect Workers?

PL-2:  Can We Escape the Vape? Morbidity and Mortality associated with E-cigarettes

PL-3:  Storm Clouds Gather: Unexpected Human Health and Environmental Illegal Hazards Related to Marijuana Growth Sites

PL-4:  To Test or Not to Test? That Is the Question. Understanding and Applying New Tuberculosis Guidelines

PL-5:  The Case for Incorporating Bio-Psycho-Social Approaches in Treating Occupational Injuries: A Fresh Look at the Evidence 

PL-6:  Law Enforcement Guidelines: Protecting Those Who Protect and Serve

PL-7:  COVID-19 Testing: A Rational Approach

PL-8:  What Not To Say During a Pandemic: Do's and Don’ts of Risk Communication during COVID-19

PL-9:  Occupational Risks of COVID-19: Returning to a Safe Workplace

PL-10:  What We Know Now: Public Health and Occupational Health Impacts of Wildfires 

PL-11:  The Eyes Have It: Occupational Vision Screening

PL-12:  Leading Through Crisis: Keep Calm and Carry On

PL-13:  Stating Your Case: How To Interact with the Legal System 

PL-14:  Breaking News in Evaluating Commercial Drivers 


Essential OEM Clinical Updates: 1, 11, 14
Silicosis, Vision Screening, Commercial Driving 

Public Health Hot Topics: 2, 3, 10
E-cigarettes/Vaping, Marijuana Illegal Grow Sites, Wildfires

OEM Guidelines/Academic topics: 4,5,6
Tuberculosis, Bio-Psycho-Social Approaches, Law Enforcement Officers

COVID Updates: 7,8,9
Testing, Risk Communication, Epidemiology

OEM Leadership & Excellence: 12, 13
Leading through Crisis, Interacting with the Legal System, ACOEM and WOEMA Presidents’ Addresses