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Physician membership in ACOEM and residence or medical practice in California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Hawaii will automatically grant full WOEMA membership. Affiliate membership in ACOEM is open to non-physicians with master’s level degree, or certified physician’s assistants, or licensed nurse practitioners working in a field related to occupational and environmental medicine. Associate membership in ACOEM is open to non-physicans who have attained a doctoral level degrees of PhD, ScD, DrPH, or EdD in an occupational and environmental health discipline. Resident membership is open to full-time residents with an interest in occupational and environmental medicine. Medical Student membership is open to full-time medical students with an interest in occupational and environmental medicine. All component society dues are accessed by ACOEM

For more information, please see the ACOEM membership section or contact the ACOEM Membership Department at (847) 818-1800, ext. 300; Fax: (847) 818-8347; or send an email to request membership information.

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  • Maintaining certification by attending conferences and WOEMA CME webinars
  • Professional discounts on conferences, publications, and reference materials (such as the ACOEM Practice Guidelines)
  • Search for jobs, obtain referrals from colleagues, find consulting opportunities and post your own qualifications through the WOEMA job bank.
  • Connect with peers in your area and around the world to build a professional network. Be included in the ACOEM directory.
  • Underscore your commitment to evidenced-based medicine and the highest practice standards with ACOEM/WOEMA membership as part of your CV.
  • Action for change through joint action and legislative/regulatory advocacy.


Benefits of all levels of WOEMA component membership include access to the most current information in the field including educational events and subscription to the WOEMA newsletter. WOEMA members are eligible for service as a component society officer which helps fill requirements for fellowship status in ACOEM.

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